Sometimes it’s better to buy a Eurail Pass, and sometimes what you need are point-to-point train tickets. It all depends on how long you plan to travel for and the number of countries or cities you intend to visit.

Note about Eurail and other passes

We are using Eurail Pass as an example because it’s the most popular among the rail passes. There are others such as BritRail Pass (UK Rail Pass), Japan Rail Pass and others… but most of them share the same concepts with Eurail Passes. 


Eurail Pass or Point-to-Point tickets?

If you plan to travel for more than 3 days, consider getting an Eurail pass. You should also consider a pass if you´re not sure about the exact itinerary for your trip. A rail pass will give you the flexibility to change your plans at will.

For less than 3 days purchasing individual (point-to-point) train tickets might be the best choice for you.


How to pick the right Eurail Pass

There are two types of Eurail passes: Flexipass and Consecutive pass.
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Consecutive passes provide unlimited railway travel day by day for the duration of the pass. This kind of pass is ideal for anyone who expects to move around a lot and travel by train almost each day.

A Flexipass is valid for traveling a specific number of days within a longer period. For example, 3 days within 1 month, so it gives you more flexibility to choose which specific days you want to travel by rail in a long period.


Smart buy: Eurail Pass

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