Traveling in a foreign country can seem a bit disconcerting when you don’t speak the language, but there`s no need to worry. Train stations in Europe are very traveler-friendly.

Although each train station is unique, you will find that the signs in most major train stations are in international pictograms. You are probably already familiar with these from airports, train stations, etc, you’ve experienced in your own country.

However if you’re still confused, ask a member of the station staff for help. You’ll find many do speak English, or just check the platform for a full list of station stops prior to boarding.

Additionally, you should match up the train number and departure times on your ticket with the Board displays at the station to find the right platform number. This will direct you to your train.

Tip: train station clocks

One thing to note is that clocks hit military time listed from zero to 24 hours in Europe. But don’t worry: you’ll get used to it.