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Fly By Rail don’t want you to become an expert on the company behind Eurail Passes, but we must let you know the meaning and differences of rail products and commercial names.



Eurail is the commercial name given to rail passes provided by Eurorail Group G.I.E., a company based in Netherlands, that sells passes for european rails (high speed and regular services). Eurail passes are not available for European residents.



InterRail passes are almost the same as Eurail Passes but available solely for European residents. The passes are available to those who have been legal residents for at least six months in any country of the European Union (excluding military personnel living on any base). This pass is not valid in the pass holder’s own country of residence, but travel to one’s own border is often available at a discount.


Europass train

Europass is the former commercial name of Eurail Pass. While some people still call them “Europass” or “Eurorail Pass”, the company uses Eurail and InterRail.

Eurail Countries

The list of countries covered with this rail passes is 23, so buying their most complete pass (called Global Pass) you can travel almost all Europe by rail. You can check the list of countries and download the Eurail Map here.

Buying this rail passes you’ll save time and money.


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